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Disagreement in Lilliesleaf!!


Graham has been working hard on Bowden and Lilliesleaf parish but we came across these wonderful remarks at the beginning of the Lilliesleaf census book. It was supposed to be just a description of the boundaries and a summary of the inhabitants of the parish. However on this occasion there seems to be a little dispute that amused us so we thought we would share it with you!

Enumeration book No. 3 is where it gets interesting!!


Enumeration Book No. 1:

Village of Lilliesleaf bounded by Mr. Gourlays farm on the East, the South Crofts on the South, Dunstine farm on the West and Northcrofts, on the North.

71 inhabited houses; 3 uninhabited houses; 1 house building.

Population: 175 males; 180 females; Total 355

Enumeration Book No. 2:

Comprehending Linthill South Lodge, Linthill Offices, Chapel, Bewliehill, Bewlie, Bewliemains, Greenhouse, Welrig, Raperlaw, Netherrow, Childknow, Hillhead, Craggs – being bounded by Bowden Parish on the North, Ancrum Parish on the East and South and by the Rest of Lilliesleaf Parish on the West.

35 inhabited houses; 4 uninhabited houses.

Population: 74 males; 69 females; Total 143

Enumeration Book No. 3:

Comprehending Riddell South Lodge, Newhouse, Dunstan height, Hermiston, Satchels, Bewliemuir, Chapel muir, Cotfield, Harelaw, Firth, Catshaw hill, Eastern Middles, Western Middles, and Lilliesleaf Loan – being bounded on the South by Minto Parish, on the West by Ashkirk Parish and on the North and East by the rest of Lilliesleaf Parish.

Persons not included in enumeration book but resident in the parish on census night and included in totals: In barn – 3 females.

31 inhabited houses; 1 uninhabited house.

Population: 82 males; 81 females; Total 163

Enumeration Book No. 4:

Comprehending Riddell mill, Riddell, Riddell West Lodge, Boose Mill, Greatlaws, Clerklands, Riddellshiel, Nag house, West Riddell, Friarshaw, Friarshaw Muir, or New Jerusalem, Riddell Eastern Lodge – being bounded by the Parish of Ashkirk and Selkirk on the West by the Parish of Bowden on the North and East and by the rest of Lilliesleaf Parish on the South.

21 inhabited houses; 1 uninhabited house; 1 house building.

Population: 54 males; 56 females; Total 110

Schoolmaster’s Remarks:

1. On the night of the 6th of June, there were 20 absent from the Parish, namely ten Males & ten females.

2. There were none at sea, or in mines, or pits, or in the open air – & only 3 females in a barn (vid. Schedule No. 3)

3. There were 6 who slept in lodging houses, who are included in Schedule No. 1.

4. There were none who emigrated to the colonies, or any foreign parts, within the last 6 months.

5. Friarshaw Muir, or new Jerusalem, is generally reckoned to be in Bowden parish, & the minister of this parish never began to speak of it as belonging to Lilliesleaf parish till about 3 years ago. Mr. Sprot, the proprietor, considers it as being in Bowden parish, & the tenant pays road money to that parish. The occupier made his return for the census to the parish of Bowden, & refused to return it to the Enumerator here.

6. The Easter Lodge of Riddell is likewise claimed by Bowden parish, & the occupier returned his Schedule both to this Parish & that of Bowden. Mr. Sprot also reckons it to belong to Bowden parish. The minister never spoke of the Lodge at the census of 1821 – and I disclaim all blame as to its being withdrawn from our parish in 1831, & annexed to that of Bowden – and Friarshaw Muir or New Jerusalem, was never proposed by the minister to be included in the census of this parish in 1831.

7. Mr. Baxter is in error as to the two hinds’ houses being on the grounds of Greatlaws – they are on Clerklands grounds, as in the Schedule. He is likewise in error as to the name of Jas. Haldane’s house – it is called Riddell Mill, as in the Schedule, & not Lilliesleaf Mill. Geo. Scott, Schoolmaster

Sheriff’s Remarks in Book 4:

The Sheriff Substitute has expunged the Entries on page 5 of this Schedule, – the persons who reside at Riddell East Lodge, being included in the Schedule for Bowden parish. [N.B. The struck out entry on page 5 of this book was later struck out from Bowden parish and entered again on page 6 of this book.]

Minister’s Remarks:

Conform to the Act of Parliament for taking the Census 1841, I David Baxter, Minister of the Parish of Lilliesleaf, as a duty to all concerned, state the following Corrections & observations on the Enumerator’s Schedules, viz.

No. 2 Boundary on the South omitted, viz. Minto Parish.

No. 3 Boundary on the West omitted, viz. Wilton Parish.

No. 4 Boundary on the North omitted, viz. Selkirk Parish.

No. 4 page 1 Instead of Riddell Mill it ought to have been Lilliesleaf Mill.

No. 4 page 3 four lines from bottom, the word “Clarklands” is erroneous, it ought to have been “Greatlaws,” and the first 5 lines of No. 4 page 4 also Greatlaws, said Houses being situated on the Lands of Greatlaws.

Friarshaw Muir, is omitted, & its Inmates 2 males & 2 females; which place, & its Inmates are undoubtedly in Lilliesleaf Parish.

In withdrawing Riddell East Lodge from Lilliesleaf Parish in Census 1831 on an opinion of ignorant persons given in to the then Sheriff Substitute, in a clandestine like manner, without any intimation to the Minister of Lilliesleaf, my attention was forthwith directed to the subject, & found, on due research, that not only said Lodge, but Friarshaw Muir are situated in Lilliesleaf Parish; & that these errors appeared to me to have been caused, per incuriam, of the Schoolmaster of Lilliesleaf. Said two places are now claimed to be restored to said Parish in the present Census, conform to information thereanent transmitted to the Sheriff Substitute. David Baxter, Minr.

Minister’s Letter:

Lilliesleaf Manse by Selkirk, 6th Augt. 1841

Sir, I am just favored with your Letter of 4th currt, & though the Commissioners do not enter into the dispute relative to Friarshaw, yet it is satisfactory to know that “proper notice shall be taken of it in the forthcoming report to Parliament.” As it has been my care to expedite as much as possible an accurate Census of this Parish, I trust the Honble. Commissioners will see the propriety of my reserving the Rights of the Parish of Lilliesleaf, by adding the following to the printed form of Receipt “reserving however the Rights of all concerned in Lilliesleaf Parish as to Riddell East Lodge, & Friarshaw Muir, being situated on the Lands of Friarshaw, wholly in the Parish of Lilliesleaf, conform to my Corrections, &c Schedule No. 4 “This appearing to me indispensibly necessary to preserve the integrity of the Parish, & reasonable in the circumstances, will, I trust be satisfactory to the Honble. Commissioners; & that not a moment may be lost, I shall send off by the same Post, to the Sheriff Substitute, the printed form of Receipt, filled up, of this date, as above.

I remain, Sir, respectfully, your very ob. Servt. David Baxter

Population Total for entire Parish: 771

© 1841 Census Data — General Register Office for Scotland. Crown copyright. Reproduced with the permission of the Controller of the HMSO and Queen’s Printer for Scotland .Published 2006 by Graham Maxwell Ancestry Cleughside, Kirkpatrick Fleming, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, DG11 3NG

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