Thursday, 18 November 2010

Transcribing your old documents

Having now transcribed such a volume and range of documents Graham and I now have a vast amount of experience transcribing and now feel confident to offer a transcription service. There are so many documents that are hard to read, it could be a will, an old parish register entry, a legal document, old letters or a census page.

When you come across one of these documents get in touch and see what we can do. Obviously each document is very different and will take a different amount of time to transcribe for you. This is why we will offer a free transcription quote service. Just send us a copy of the document you wish to be transcribed and we will let you know how much we will charge. You will be under no obligation to proceed with the service once you have the price but you could be surprised how inexpensive it can be.

Why not email me today for more information

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