Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Scottish Genealogy Society Sale

When we were in Edinburgh yesterday we had a wee trip into the Scottish Genealogy Society. They have a sale on so we bought a few new books and fiche for our library. Here’s the link to the online sale, you may find something interesting.

Here’s a few interesting items with good discounts, they have many more but these caught my eye:

How to find Shipping & Immigration Records in Australia. - Price: £3.00 - Was £9.00

Ecclesiastical - Lady Glenorchy Transcripts Communion Rolls 1785-1835. -  Price: £2.75 -  Was £5.25

Alumni & Grads. in Art, Aberdeen Colleges, 1850-1860. Price: £2.00 - Was £4.00

Hope you find something useful!!

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