Monday, 22 August 2011

Census database updated - Kirkcowan 1851

We are continuing to transcribe the Wigtownshire census, and make it available both online and in book form. We have now added the parish of Kirkcowan for 1851 to our database - Search for free here!

Here's a list of the surnames found in the parish:

Adair; Agnew; Aillison; Aitken; Alexander; Alison; Allison; Anderson; Ball; Barr; Black; Blacky; Blain; Boyd; Bradley; Brodie; Brown; Burnie; Burns; Byron; Cameron; Campbell; Carson; Cavan; Charles; Christie; Clanachan; Clement; Clenachan; Clumphy; Colm; Colter; Connell; Cosbie; Cosby; Coskrie; Court; Cowper; Craford; Crawford; Croack; Croley; Cruthers; Cubbin; Cubison; Culloch; Culter; Cumby; Cummerford; Cumming; Dally; Dalrymple; Davelin; Davidson; Davison; Dickson; Digney; Dimon; Dixon; Doak; Doarns; Donnelly; Dougall; Dougan; Douglas; Dowall; Doyle; Duff; Dunlavey; Dunlavie; Dunlop; Dunlope; Eide; Elliot; Ewing; Faggot; Fegan; Feggans; Ferguson; Findlay; Finlay; Fleming; Flynn; Forsyth; Fularton; Fulton; Galloway; Gellispie; Gellyland; George; Gibson; Gifford; Gillespie; Givan; Glen; Gollacher; Gordon; Gown; Gray; Green; Grier; Hamilton; Hammond; Hanlon; Hannah; Hannay; Harries; Hart; Hartley; Harvie; Hathorn; Haugh; Hedger; Hemphill; Henry; Herron; Hill; Hinds; Horner; Houston; Hunter; Hutcheson; Hutchison; Irvine; Jamieson; Jervis; Johnson; Johnston; Johnstone; Jones; Karr; Keachnie; Kealry; Kelly; Kennedy; Kevan; Kid; Lagan; Leeas; Leitch; Lindsay; Linwood; Lockhart; Logan; Love; Mackie; Macpherson; Mark; Marr; Marshall; Martin; Matthews; Matthieson; Maxwell; McAvery; McAwen; McBratney; McBratnie; McBryde; McCaa; McCadden; McCafferty; McCaig; McCamlie; McCauley; McCaull; McCaw; McClellan; McClelland; McCloud; McClure; McClymont; McColm; McConchie; McCormick; McCornack; McCornick; McCornock; McCrackan; McCracken; McCrae; McCraith; McCready; McCredie; McCubbin; McCulloch; McCutcheon; McDill; McDonald; McDonnald; McDowall; McEwen; McFadden; McFadyean; McGaul; McGaw; McGee; McGeoch; McGill; McHallam; McHarg; McIlwraith; McIlwrick; McIntyre; McIvers; McJorrow; McKeachie; McKeand; McKechnie; McKee; McKenna; McKie; McKinna; McKinnon; McLachlan; McLauchlan; McLean; McMaster; McMeekan; McMeiking; McMillan; McNaight; McNalie; McNally; McNarin; McNaughton; McNeal; McNeil; McNiel; McNillie; McQuaker; McQueen; McReady; McTaggart; McTier; McWhirter; McWilliam; Mean; Michael; Millar; Milligan; Milroy; Milvie; Mitchell; Moan; Monaghan; Morrison; Morrow; Morton; Muir; Murphy; Murray; Murry; Neilson; Nichol; Nicholson; Nicolson; Nimmo; Nish; Niven; Nivison; O'Hair; O'Neil; Orr; Packer; Parker; Paterson; Pebbles; Peddley; Perry; Pickar; Pollan; Rae; Read; Redeltie; Reid; Riens; Ritchie; Robb; Robison; Ross; Ruddel; Saunders; Saunderson; Scott; Shaw; Sheradon; Shirer; Simpson; Skimming; Sloane; Smail; Smith; Southar; Spence; Stewart; Stitt; Stott; Strachan; Stroyan; Sweeten; Sword; Swords; Telfer; Telford; Tempelton; Templeton; Thompson; Thomson; Tilly; Toanner; Tonner; Tully; Turner; Tweedie; Walker; Wallace; Weir; Williamson; Wilson; Young

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