Saturday, 20 August 2011

New book - Lauder Parish Burial Register

This book contains a transcription of burials that are to be found in the Kirk Session records of Lauder Parish, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. These records are held by the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh, and it is believed they have not been transcribed or indexed before.

The register is in the form of a little notebook, possibly kept by the gravedigger. The spelling is eccentric to say the least, but we have endeavoured to transcribe the entries exactly as they appear in the register. A detailed note has been kept of the Cavers family, of Lauder, recording deaths from 1785 to 1849, but apart from these entries, the main record runs from June 1827 to November 1838, running to 520 entries in total.

The surnames contained in the book are as follows:

Ainslie; Aitchison; Alison; Allan; Allardise; Allen; Anderson; Armestrong; Baillie; Bain; Baird; Ballengton; Ballengtyon; Ballington; Bathgate; Beatie; Bell; Bolton; Brodie; Broomfield; Brotherston; Brown; Bryson; Burnlee; Burrel; Burrrel; Cavers; Claperton; Clapperton; Clark; Clugh; Cockburn; Coldwells; Couper; Cousens; Cow; Craig; Cranston; Craw; Crease; Crightone; Cuningham; Currie; Cuthbertson; Dalglish; Darling; Davedison; Dawson; Deans; Dickson; Donald; Dorbie; Downie; Dudgeon; Eckfoord; Edemonston; Elliot; Fair; Fairbairn; Fairebayrn; Fletcher; Flitcher; Foord; Fortuen; Frame; Frier; Gergueson; Gill; Gillies; Given; Glass; Gordon; Gourlie; Graham; Gray; Greenlaw; Halladay; Hardie; Haswell; Hay; Henderson; Hileburton; Hislope; Hogg; Holand; Home; Hopp; Hughs; Hunter; Ingles; Irvain; Jamieson; Johnston; Karr; Laidlaw; Lauder; Laugh; Laurance; Laurense; Law; Leathhead; Liddel; Lidster; Lindsay; Little; Livingston; Lockie; Logan; Lothian; Lowrie; Man; Mann; McLeoad; McQueen; Mean; Mercel; Merton; Milen; Miller; Mills; Mollagan; Molloy; Moloy; Money; Moneylaws; More; Morrison; Murchieson; Murray; Ness; Nisbet; Ormston; Orr; Patterson; Pecoack; Pendrigh; Penman; Pringle; Purves; Ramage; Rammage; Ramsay; Ranken; Rattrie; Rea; Reed; Renton; Renwick; Richardson; Riddell; Ride; Ridpath; Robertson; Robson; Romaines; Runcieman; Russel; Scott; Shaw; Shiell; Shiels; Shillinglaw; Simpson; Simson; Sligh; Slight; Smeal; Smith; Sommervail; Spears; Spence; Stevingston; Stewart; Stirling; Stivengston; Stobie; Stodart; Stoddart; Swanston; Symington; Tait; Thomson; Torrie; Torries; Trotter; Turnbull; Turner; Tweedhope; Tyson; Unknown; Vallance; Vallence; Waddel; Waddle; Wait; Walker; Waters; Watherston; Watson; Wealsh; White; Whitelaw; Whiteson; Wight; Wilson; Wood; Wright; Yallowlies; Yellowlies; Young

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