Thursday, 12 January 2012

Records of Scottish Quakers 1669-1867

Update - December 2014
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I was in the National Records of Scotland (formerly the National Archives of Scotland) yesterday and consulted a lot of interesting records. One register I consulted (which I haven’t had the need to consult before) was Records of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Digest of births, marriages and burials, Scotland 1669-1867. (NAS reference CH10/1/64).

The volume is a digest of birth, marriages and deaths from the various record books around Scotland. Whilst I didn’t find what I was searching for, it may contain what you are looking for! The books is a transcription of records dating back to 1669 and continues to 1867. A bonus I discovered yesterday is that it is alphabetical; making it much quicker to search.

Here’s an entry that caught my eye:

Book: 17
Page: 123
Name: Wood, George
Date of Death: 14th of January 1762
Age: [Blank]
Residence and Description: Ednam. Weaver and Bleacher
Date of Burial: 16th of January 1762
Place of Burial: Kelso
N.M. for Not Members: [Blank]
Monthly or other Meeting Record: Kelso Mo Mg

So if you can’t find a birth, marriage or death in Scotland have you considered the possibility your family were Quakers? If you would like it searched e-mail me and I’ll see what I can do:

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