Saturday, 22 January 2011

Free Castleton Poor Roll Index

We have just uploaded another PDF to our website, the Index to Castleton Poor Roll 1846-1864. Although quite interesting itself the index is a key to further information.

The full record has lists of children of the recipient as well as details relating to emigration, employment and education. The columns in the original book are as follows:

  1. Name of Pauper
  2. Present residence
  3. Married or single, widow, or widower. If child, orphan, deserted or bastard.
  4. Name of each dependant living with Pauper
  5. Age – Years
  6. Place of birth
  7. Trade or occupation
  8. If wholly or partially disabled
  9. Description of disablement
  10. Means and resources of Pauper besides Parochial relief
  11. Names and weekly earnings of Parents
  12. Names, ages, and earnings of children not living with Pauper, and whether marries, and number of children.
  13. Date when admitted on Roll.
  14. Amount of relief in money.
  15. Amount of relief in food, clothing, fuel, lodging, or of any other kind.
  16. Date and cause of removal from Roll.
  17. Remarks

So as you can see the form was quite detailed, sadly not all entries have every column filled in but all the entries are of interest if they are related to you!

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