Saturday, 15 January 2011

Kelso Dispensary Year One PDF

Well I have another treat for everybody today: a full transcription of year one of the Kelso Dispensary patient records is online and FREE. These records are fantastic! They can link families back to the early 1700’s and beyond in some cases, as well as giving some colour to your family tree. What was your ancestor really like? See, for example Agnes Fairbairn of Smailholm, born about 1747 recorded in the register with a case of Hystericks. Alternatively you could be related to Christian Burn who had Flatulent Pains!

From a more genealogical point of view, there are also some dates of death recorded which may well not be recorded elsewhere. A bit of Google searching may be necessary for identify some of the archaic names for diseases.

I hope you find this register as fascinating as we have, once we finish the first volume we’ll make it available in our bookshop. We’re not sure on the cost yet but we’ll keep you all informed.


  1. Wow. I can't thank you enough for this project. I find it funny that one of the people that you actually mention, Agnes Fairbairn, has been the subject of my research. I have been trying to decide which Agnes Fairbairn of Smailholm is my ancestor and find this additional information fascinating. I can't wait to see if others that I am looking for show up.

  2. I am so pleased the index has already helped at least one person! I can’t believe it was Agnes that I featured too. I’m in Edinburgh today looking at more fascinating old documents so who knows what I’ll find. Thank you for your comments.