Monday, 27 August 2012

A passion for the scenery of Scotland

For years the population of Scotland was decreasing. When people left they often took with them a few mementoes of home. One thing they took however was not tangible: the memory of the atmosphere and scenery of home.

In more recent times an artist from the Scottish Borders, Kenneth M Allan, left the peace and tranquillity of Scotland for a few years. While he was away he began creating beautiful paintings which I think truly capture the atmosphere of Scotland. It’s raining here tonight as I write this, I have a fire burning behind me and I’m snug and warm, just like the people in the homes of this painting: The Boats are in, the Fires are on.

My favourite is his un-named watercolour which reminds me so much of our wonderful holidays up in the north of Scotland.

So whether you’re curled up in front of a fire, still trying to dry off from the days adventures, dreading the impending winter or you’re sitting in Australia waiting for spring and wondering where your ancestors were from take a browse through Kenneth’s paintings and imagine home:

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