Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sussex Genealogy – Parish record transcriptions

As most of you will know Graham and I are based in southern Scotland and this is the area which we concentrate most of our research. We do however branch out from time to time as families have a habit of moving around. Most recently I was looking for parish records from Sussex. I came across the website of James Brockhurst Publications and thought what he offered was so good I would tell you about it.

Like many of us James began out of a personal interest in genealogy and from that grew an idea of making Sussex family history research less time-consuming by providing easy to read transcriptions.

One interesting feature which I have rarely seen in England is, where possible, baptisms and burials have been cross-referenced and the maiden names of the child’s mother has been included to assist you further.  Such details are included as “helpful hints”.   References to the images of the original register pages means you can even see for yourself.

Most of James’ publications are just a pound. You pay via PayPal and he will send you out the PDF file via email.

So if you’re researching in Sussex now have a look but if you’re not bookmark www.sussexgenealogy.org.uk for future reference!


  1. Maxwell, you are right this is very difficult to maintain public records, because people move from one county to other county. England used helpful hints as mandatory fields for genealogy records.

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