Thursday, 4 February 2010

Cowan DNA project

Hello everybody,

I have something a little different for you today. As you know we specialize in researching genealogy the traditional way. Others are taking family history a step further. A new visitor to our website has asked us to help find Cowan’s that would like to help their DNA project. This is what he writes:

Project Background

The Cowan Surname DNA Project has genealogical information on many persons named Cowan. This Y-chromosome project will attempt to connect many of the lineages where traditional research is lacking or has failed. During this study, we hope to show the connection of history and DNA. If you are a male named Cowan or any other spelling, you are invited to come join us. If you are a female and want to include your Cowan Line in the project, contact a male relative and invite him to come join.

Project Goals

Our main goal is to open doors that have been shut for years, to tear down the brick walls, and focus our research efforts where the DNA leads.

My surname is Cowings from County Durham and Northumberland, England, but is connected DNA wise to Cowan from Scotland and Northern Ireland. We have connections in Yarrow, Selkirkshire, but we believe we have ancestral connections around the Cheviots and Scottish Borders. We are also looking (within another sub-project)at DNA connections further back and believe we have found a DNA link with McDonald/McDaniel to our Cowan group! Also new research is also pointing towards when 'we' arrived in Britain!

If you are not a Cowan, but are interested in the DNA side of family history there is the Scottish DNA project:

There is a very good discount for joining via a project, but you can join and leave other projects once your DNA has been tested!

As of February 04, 2010, they have a total of 281,273 records!


· 175,275 Y-DNA records

· 105,998 mtDNA (maternal) records

If you are worried about your privacy etc. there is a very good FAQ section on their homepage

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