Sunday, 20 January 2013

A snapshot in time

 Hong Kong 1929

Among our family memorabilia, ephemera and documents is the photo album of Margaret (Peggy) Bridger, it contains photos from the 1920's and early 30's and is very well labeled.

Peggy was born in Hong Kong about 1915, and we believe she is the eldest daughter of Richard Leslie Bridger and Mabel Kate Horton. Peggy married a distant relative of ours: William Elliot (Elliot) Grieve.

Page 7 of Peggy Bridger's photo album

Peggy's photos are a wonderful record of her childhood and the places she visited through a child's eyes. I have uploaded the album for you to peruse at your leisure, just as a matter of interest to to those who enjoy all things historic. Various people are mentioned, usually just first names or surnames, but I hope in time to identify who most of the people are.

View the album on flickr

If you have some family albums why not upload them to a site like flickr. It's a good opportunity to have a look through them and share them with family. Post a comment on this blog if you have an album to share.