Friday, 24 September 2010

Pigeons faster than broadband!

Whilst many of us now enjoy very fast broadband I know from our website survey that many of our customers are not quite as fortunate. This article on the BBC news website amused me:

It may seem funny to those of us on high speed broadband but perhaps a little too close to home if you are trying to download images from Scotland’s people, Ancestry or even our own website with a poor internet connection. For this reason all our free resources are available at a very low cost on CD. So if you are struggling to download some of our material send me an email and I will do my best to help you out.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Free surname lists added to Parish Records and Prison indexes

It’s not exactly an index however it is an indication. We have added lists of the surnames found in each of our parish and prison books. This will hopefully make it a little clearer as to whether or not your ancestors will be recorded in the book.

Just go to the county page and click on the title of the book to see the list. Here is the Roxburghshire county page.

I hope this will make finding those illusive Scottish ancestors easier but remember if you still have a brick wall and need some guidance please email me, we can often solve genealogy mysteries quite easily with the resources we have on hand as well as our years of experience.

Bunkle & Preston Baptisms and Marriages 1684-1690 - £6.99

This book contains a transcription of the registers of baptisms and marriages for Bunkle & Preston Parish, Berwickshire, Scotland. The original records are held by the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh.
The entries in the register are taken from Volume 3 of the Kirk Session records. The surviving entries in this register are for baptisms and marriages from October 1684 to June 1690. It is clear that earlier leaves from this register have been removed, both from the page numbering, and the remains visible stuck in the binding.
These entries are not to be found in the Old Parish Registers of Bunkle and Preston parish kept by the General Register Office (Scotland) at New Register House in Edinburgh, which does not commence until 1704.

Monday, 6 September 2010

New Lanark’s people – The early years

I am pleased to announce that we are now selling the CD “New Lanark’s people – The early years” compiled by A.E. Laurie & Nicholas Young. This CD is a first attempt to bring together in one convenient place all the surviving records applicable to the people who lived and worked in New Lanark.

It is a monumental piece of research resulting in a truly fantastic resource for anybody with ancestors who lived in New Lanark. Here is just a few of the records you will find on the CD:

Birth, Marriages and Deaths
New Lanark Wills index
School registers
Kirk session minutes
Prison register index
An 1818 petition to the house of Lords naming over 500 local inhabitants
Lanark Sheriff court extracts…
…and much much more!

For a full list of contents, more information or to purchase the CD visit our website:

New Scottish Ancestry ebay shop

To celebrate the opening of my new ebay shop we are listing auctions for some of our books with a starting price of just £3.99!! This means possible savings of up to £9!

So keep checking or new ebay shop for the books you are looking for!!