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Do you need a quick lookup but live too far away from where the records are held? Perhaps you are struggling to find a Scottish birth, marriage or death record because your ancestor has a common name. Save your Scotland’s People credits and get Graham to search for you.

The National Records of Scotland (formerly known as the National Archives of Scotland) has an excellent online catalogue. Perhaps you have come across something you want to search but live in New York or Brisbane. For a small research fee Emma can search for the document you need and provide high quality digital photographs.

Sadly not all archives allow digital photography yet, but most provide some kind of copying facility. Our standard fee, which includes PayPal fees, copy charges and travel expenses is 25 pounds per hour. Here are a list of archives and minimum fees.

The National Records of Scotland
National Records of Scotland - 15 pounds for 30 minutes research.

Scotland's People Centre - 15 pounds for 30 minutes research.

Dumfries and Galloway Archives at the Ewart Library, Dumfries - 50 pounds for two hours of research.

Scottish Borders Archives at the The Heritage Hub, Hawick - 50 pounds for two hours of research.

National Library of Scotland - 25 pounds for one hour of research.

Carlisle Archive Centre at Lady Gillford's House - 50 pounds for two hours of research.

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  1. Hi. I have been researching my family tree for several years and have managed to get back to about 1580 (to be confirmed). However there are two parts of my tree that I am having a bit of trouble with.

    Alexander Grieve DOB 1864 Born in Ireland (I don't know where.Son of Scottish parents Alexander Grieve and Agnes McDonald from Fife. I have found info about his birth but not location and his date of death eludes me.

    Also I have two James Grieve's, one possible son of the other. BUT! the father is only ten years old. Is this possible in those days? Father was James Grieve 22/11/1629 married to Katherine Baxte 3/8/1635 in Kirkaldy, Fife. Son James Grieve baptised 4/8/1639, married helen (Helin) Williamson 1653 in St Andrews & St Leonards, Fife.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Derek Grieve