Friday, 9 March 2012

Weekly Report By Our Own Policeman

Whilst researching in the National Library of Scotland I was distracted by this report in the Angus and Mearns Register form the 26th of August 1864.

Weekly Report By Our Own Policeman:- I hae often explained that the Bye-Laws is made just till let my ornamental friends ken the things that they needna gie themsells ony trouble till take notice o’. I see the board o’ Bye-Laws that hings at Dummie Ha’s Wynd has had the Laws torn aff, and a lithy graffer’s bill, that’s been made to fit it, battered on in their place. I’m gey concerned aboot this, for fear that, for want o’ the notice till guide them, my friends may aiblins fa’ intil the mistak’ o’ gien themsells trouble about something or ither they micht pass bye gin they ken’t it was in the Bye-Laws. The robbin’ o’ gardens and apple-trees has begun for the season. Ae man that complained was tell’d that he bade in an oot-o’-the-wye place and it couldna be helpit; but I’ wat there’s me difficulty in findin’ out his dwallin’ when the Pollus rate’s to be colleckit, f’r’a’t. There was a baker’s riot the ither nicht in Dummie Ha’s Wynd, an’ they faucht and mischieved ane an’ ither sair; but when there was a seek for some o’ my ornamental friends nane could be gotten, sae the rioters wan aff. The taties at the Townhead was ta’en up yesterday, an’ they look gey an’ gude; but Gordon says he can beat them yet, for as cheap’s they’re raised, - Your Own Pollusman.