Saturday, 28 March 2015

‘Then & Now’ Competition - April Prizes Confirmed

We are delighted to be able to confirm the prize for the April ‘Then & Now’ photography meets genealogy competition.

The winner will receive:

A current issue of Who Do You Think You Are? magazine
The Who Do You Think You Are? magazine’s Essential Guide to Family History
A family tree wall chart
A map showing WWI battle fronts
A handy credit card size magnifier
A Scotland's People eraser
Research guide leaflets
An hour professional genealogy research.

All these items will be posted to you free of charge. The genealogy research can be swapped for five transcriptions from our website

The closing date for April is 30th April 2015.

For details of how to enter see our blog post: Then and Now - The Photography Competition.

Details of prizes you can win in other months will be posted once they have been confirmed.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Then and Now - The Photography Competition

We have an exciting competition which will be running throughout the spring and summer this year. We all love to revisit places we went as a child and see how much they have changed but also how much they have stayed the same.

If you have traced your family tree and visited the house your great-grandmother lived in you may have well felt quite emotional when you realised the step you were standing on was the one she would have washed 100 years ago.

The Scottish Indexes competition asks you to revisit these places and take a modern-day photograph which is based on an historical photograph. You can either use one of your own family photographs that was taken over 30 years ago, or choose one from our flickr archive (which is over 30 years old). The modern day photograph must have been taken this year and by you.

There will be five opportunities to submit a photograph, the closing dates will be the last days of the months of April, May, June, July and August. The winner each month will receive a genealogy ‘goody bag’. The prize will always include an hour of our research time as well as other genealogy gems to help you along your way.

How to enter:

Email your photographs to

If your modern day photo is based on one of our flickr photos please tells us.

April submissions can be made from midnight GMT on 1st of April until midnight GMT on the 30th of April
May submissions can be made from midnight GMT on 1st of May until midnight GMT on the 31st of May
June submissions can be made from midnight GMT on 1st of June until midnight GMT on the 30th of June
July submissions can be made from midnight GMT on 1st of July until midnight GMT on the 31st of July
August submissions can be made from midnight GMT on 1st of August until midnight GMT on the 31st of August

Your modern day photograph does not have to be taken in the month you submit the photo.

How to win:

Photographs will be rated on accuracy, try to take the photo from the same place and angle that the original was taken. If you can’t because the photo was taken from somewhere inaccessible, such as private property, or somewhere unsafe, such as the middle of a road, let us know and we’ll take this into consideration. Keep yourself safe and don’t break any laws just to take a photo!

We’ll also be looking for a well exposed photograph, a higher quality photo is more likely to win.

We’re also looking for what I call ‘interestingness’, that is a photo that makes me go wow!

Finally, if you have a story to go with the photo, tell us. There is nothing like some tugging at the heartstrings to make make us give you some extra points.


The photo must be taken in Scotland.

By submitting a photo to this competition you will be giving us permission to use your photos (old or new) on our Facebook page, our website etc. By entering the competition you will also be agreeing to us publishing your first name online as the winner of the competition.

You may enter up to 3 times over the course of the 5 months.