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Our names are Graham and Emma Maxwell, a married couple. We work as as a genealogy research team and we publish historical data which will help you to your family history.

Graham Maxwell
Graham began researching his own family in the 1990’s and found he had an aptitude and interest in genealogy. From there he began researching for his friends and extended family.

Researching Scottish genealogy has changed somewhat in the last few years. When Graham began there were almost no indexes to census records, for example. When you wanted to look at a birth, marriage or death certificate you didn’t click a button or even view it on microfiche, you went to Edinburgh and were shown the original registers!

I joined Graham in 2001, when we began publishing the 1851 census, and I began developing my skills as a researcher. We have certainly come a long way since then but these early research days stood us in good stead to understand the records, literally getting a feel for them.

Over the years we have built up our personal library of research material and this can help us
Emma Maxwell
research your family tree thoroughly. We can also visit archives for you and locate your ‘ancestral home’, take photos and give you maps for you to find it when you make your own personal journey. This allows you to take your research beyond the internet.

Combined with our research we have found that there are thousands upon thousands of documents which can unlock your family’s past in the National Records of Scotland that remain completely unindexed. It can take hours to search these and therefore could cost our clients a small fortune, something most of us do not have!

What can be done to unlock this valuable data? We are creating indexes and putting them online for free. If you find a record of your family, you pay between £1.50 and £5 for the full entry. If you find nothing, you pay nothing! 

We have a lot of material we would like to index but we have already made a start. Here is a summary of what we have so far:

If some of that sounds new see the guide on our website or use the contact form to ask me a question directly.

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  1. The One-Minute Mayhem sounds like a fun and educational idea. How exactly is it run? Do people prepare their presentation ahead of time? Do they prepare slides? Is there a range of topics? Is there a way to contact you further about this by email? Thanks!