Monday, 1 May 2017

Register of Emigrants from the Western Isles to Ontario

Kisimul Castle, Castle Bay, Barra

Chris Lawson emailed to let us know about a new publication of special interest to people researching their family from Uist and Barra in the Western Isles of Scotland. We thought this was a great opportunity to share some of our photographs from Barra.

Barra is a breathtaking island and well worth the journey. The reality is that as beautiful as the island is, many people have left over the years. Bill Lawson Publications have just published a 'Register of Emigrants from the Western Isles to Ontario' Volume 2.

This volume covers the main area of emigration from North and South Uist and Barra to Ontario and gives details of over 300 emigrant families from these areas. This new volume is priced at £15 and is available from along with volume 1 which is priced at £12.