Monday, 12 July 2010

Greenlaw Prison Index, Volume 1 1840-1848

That's Greenlaw Prison index ready for sale. It contains 623 entries and is just £7.99 including postage and packaging. Here’s a list of surnames found in the book:

Airne; Aitchison; Aitken; Alexander; Allan; Anderson; Anges; Armstrong; Baillie; Baird; Ballantyne; Balmer; Barclay; Barcley; Barnes; Barrett; Bartram; Bartrem; Beattie; Bell; Bertram; Biggs; Black; Blythe; Bolton; Bond; Bone; Bookless; Boston; Boyd; Boyle; Bradley; Braedy; Bralton; Brenan; Brodie; Brooks; Broomfield; Brown; Bruce; Bryce; Bryson; Buchanan; Burgan; ; Burgeon; Burns; Butler; Calay; Campbell; Cannon; Carland; Carlisle; Carse; Carter; Cassells; Cerse; Chalmers; Chisholm; Clark; Clerk; Cleugh; Clinkscales; Coates; Coats; Cockburn; Colfield; Collin; Collins; Comerford; Connel; Connelly; Connor; Copley; Cowsey; Craig; Crammond; Cramsay; Cribbes; Cribbis; Crow; Cunningham; Curle; Currie; Dailley; Dalry; Dalrymple; Dalton; Darling; ; Davit; Dawson; Deans; Denholm; Dick; Dickinson; Dickson; Dividson; Divine; Dobson; Docherty; Dodds; Dods; Donnochy; Dooly; Dougal; Dougherty; Douglas; Druin; Drummond; Dryden; Dudgeon; Duncan; Dunn; Easton; Elder; Ellis; Erskine; Fairbairn; Fairel; Ferrie; Ferry; Fisher; Fitzsimmons; Flanigan; Fleming; Fletcher; Forrest; Fraser; Frier; Fulton; Fyfe; Galagan; Gartie; ; Gibson; Gilbert; Gilchrist; Gill; Gillan; Gillie; Gillies; Gilmartin; Gilmore; Gilshar; Good; Gordon; Graham; Grahame; Gray; Guthrie; Haggarty; Haggerty; Hall; Hamell; Hamilton; Hanney; Hardie; Hardy; Harebarine; Harkin; Harold; Hart; Hastie; Hay; Henderson; Higginbottom; Hill; Hislop; Hodgson; Hogarth; Hollins; Hood; Hope; Hornby; Hume; Hunter; Inglis; Innes; ; Irving; Jaffrey; Johnston; Kay; Kellie; Kelly; Kemp; Kennedy; Ker; Kerr; Kerson; Kid; Killock; King; Knox; Koyle; Kyle; Laidlaw; Laing; Lane; Laney; Le Roux; Leadbetter; Lee; Leonard; Lewis; Linn; Lockie; Longstaff; Lough; Lowry; Lumsden; Lyall; Lynch; Mabon; MacAffarty; MacBride; Macdonald; Macfarlane; Mackay; MacKinnon; Mackintosh; Malay; Malone; ; Marran; Marshall; Martin; Maxwell; Mcarravey; McAvay; McBride; McCankie; McCarthey; McChrystal; McCulloch; McDarmount; McDicken; McDonald; McDougal; McDougall; McEwen; McFarlane; McGanel; McGinnes; McGraw; McGuire; McIntyre; McKay; McKenna; McKinlay; McKinne; McKinnon; McLachlan; McLaren; McLean; McLeish; McLeod; McMann; McMarran; McNichol; McQuillin; Mercer; Mickle; Miller; Mitchell; Moffat; Molley; Monsie; ; Montgomery; Moor; Moore; Morris; Morrison; Morton; Mowat; Mulholland; Mullen; Mullin; Mullins; Mundell; Munro; Murphy; Murray; Nairn; Neil; Newlands; Nichol; Nicholson; Nories; O'Brien; O'Connor; Oliver; Ormiston; Ovington; Patterson; Paxton; Peacock; Pearson; Phillips; Piercy; Porter; Purves; Quin; Quinn; Rea; Reid; Rennie; Renton; Ribbon; Richardson; Riddle; Ridle; ; Rinnie; Ritchie; Robertson; Rodger; Rogers; Ross; Rowt; Savage; Scott; Scougall; Shannon; Sharp; Shaw; Shearer; Sheerlaw; Sheridan; Shiel; Simmons; Simpson; Smith; Sterling; Stewart; Stoddart; Storie; Stuart; Swan; Tait; Tayler; Taylor; Thompson; Tocher; Towal; Trainer; Trotter; Turnbull; Turner; Vallance; Vallence; Wait; Waite; Walker; Ward; Watson; Watt; ; Weatherston; Weddell; White; Whitelaw; Wight; Wilkie; Williams; Willis; Willock; Wilson; Windram; Winter; Wright; Young;

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