Thursday, 8 July 2010

Applegarth (Dumfriesshire) Parish List 1697

Ok this is new! It’s a bit like an early census… let me explain.

This list is entitled "A list of examinable persons within this parish", and is to be found inserted in the Kirk Session records of Applegarth & Sibbaldbie Parish, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, following the entry for July 25th, 1703. This list has not been dated, but, by comparing the handwriting and a close comparison of the list with the parish register, the list seems likely to have been compiled in the year 1697, certainly between the summer of 1696 and the summer of 1698. The original record is held at the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The list seems remarkably comprehensive. As in the case of all older Scottish records, married women and widows appear under their maiden surnames. The comparison with parish records which survive for the period suggests that this list may well be a list of all inhabitants aged about 12 years or over. The original writer has placed a short line underneath each household, which enables us to clearly see the households separately, invaluable in distinguishing family groups.

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